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Creating the next generation of game development studios

Studio Values


Avoiding burnout. This is a marathon, not a sprint.


Growing the next generation of developers. Active participants in local and regional industry.


Picking projects that serve our goals.

Studio Vibes

Good Vibes

Feelings we want our work and culture to replicate: Hitting the flow state on a project you're passionate about. Staring at the stars in awe. Getting a freezie after soccer practice. Sick beats in the headphones while you're walking and then *AHA!* A restaurant server went the extra mile to make the meal memorable. A deep, interesting conversation over beer with your friend. A grueling long hike you just completed on a sunny day. The kids are in bed, pajamas are on, and the unwrapped video game is popped into the console. At the beach in July with a drink and a book - but no watch. At a concert hearing your favourite band. Beating that hard boss in Dark Souls. Completing a marathon.


Feelings we DO NOT want our work and culture to replicate: Spending 3 months on a spreadsheet no one reads. Disappointment because expectations were not communicated or outlined. Asking yourself, "Is this it?" Your ice cream fell to the ground. Your favourite band just broke up. Taking a meeting at 8pm and wondering why. Sports parents yelling at the referees. Forgetting your significant other's special day. Wondering, "What if we had tried a little harder?" You take a drink from your water to find out it's milk Something went down the "wrong pipe".

Guiding Principles


Focus on Outcomes

Our philosophy on quality work is that it comes down to collaborative planning, managing expectations, and clear goals. We believe the outcome is more important than the journey it took to get there.


Be Where You Want to Be.

Rent money is better spent on people. Fair pay for fair work, no matter where you are located. We will strive to encourage, promote and hire from anywhere we can legally do so.


Our Word is Bond

Trust is the currency of life. We operate on a series of commitments at every level, based on our experience and calculated assessments. We follow through with what we say.


Adaptability in Everything

Continuous improvement underpins everything we do as a team.  When unexpected challenges arise (as they do), we embrace the change and work with it. 


All Voices Are Heard

Every game maker is a storyteller. To see the whole picture you need to take a wider lens.  We expect constructive criticism, transparency, openness, and candor.  We are better when we hear from everyone.


Ryan Revised.png



The more he learns, the less he knows. Believes that momentum is gained through small increments of improvements. If you ask, he'll also tell you about that time he ran over some mountains, or how he makes pulled pork.



Chris Gallant has the "John Smith" name of PEI. He graduated in the top 3 Chris Gallants in his class, lived with another Chris Gallant, and is constantly getting mail for some other Chris Gallant. He tries to stand out a bit.



Development Director

Derek believes that good leadership requires strong listening skills, and highlighting others work - this is why he plays bass.

Nick M.

VP of Technology

Nick likes finding simple solutions to complex problems. When he's not slinging code he enjoys biking down mountains and climbing up rocks.

Staff Image-04.png
Staff Image-05.png


VP of Technology

It's pronounced "Carl".


Art Director

If you don't find her heading up an art department you may find her tending a garden on vast amounts of land in the woods.

Staff Image-06.png
Staff Image-07.png


Admin Assistant

Zaid can always be found playing video games instead of starting his math assignments. He loves everyday he spends with Iron Fox - it is not only a place where amazing experiences is the norm but also where incredible individuals group up to create truly exceptional feats.



It's Geremy with a G, and Designer with a G.

Staff Image-08.png


Senior Artist

Ramón is an artist first and a ball of nerves second. He recently discovered the magic that is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on toasted bread... or any bread really.

Staff Image-09.png


Associate Engineer

Nick has way too many hobbies to put in a list. Most of his time is spent trying to figure out how to do his current passion project. Probably before abandoning it to do the next exciting thing. Ooh piece of candy!

Staff Image-12.png
Staff Image-11.png


Senior Engineer

Can probably be found dangling from a cliff with a
rope or riding down a cliff on a bike at any given time. Or grinding for that bow drop in Runescape during the winter months 😎


Associate Artist

You can find Mark thriving from a miraculous two hours of sleep and a cup of coffee he had for breakfast two days ago. You ask him, "What's your secret to being productive?" He screams, for he does not know.

Staff Image-10.png
Staff Image-13.png


Associate Engineer

For Ray, games are a way of life. When he's not busy coding them, he's probably playing one. He values happiness, and if others can find joy in his works,
that'll make him happy too!



Creative Director

Shawn likes games, solving problems, game design, creative direction, MMORPGs, working with the best people in the 25+ years he's been in the business, and reminding people he is the 1987 U.S. National BattleTech Co-Champion. Oh, and he likes poker, too!


Book Keeper

When she isn't keeping us straight, she's making the world's best cinnamon rolls and playing with her grandkids. 



Live Ops. Analyst

Calem can often be found either tending to a garden, camping in the wilderness, or cooking up something in his kitchen. When he's not enjoying the bounties nature provides, he can often be found exercising his finger muscles as he brushes up on his Zerg macro in SC2 or works on his passion project.



Associate Artist

Eva likes cats, comics and coffee. Also alliteration.


Senior Artist

Francesco likes looking at life from many different angles. When you don't find him leading the Live Ops. Artists you just may find him capturing a particularly lovely moment in time with his camera. 



Senior 3D Artist

Rodrigo loves trash TV way too much for his own sake, when not watching those, he might work on some art. (maybe)



Associate 3D Artist

Marcus can usually be found under a warm blanket. He likes short walks to the fridge. And rainy drives to Tim Hortons. He spends his time watching tv, or indulging in his latest video game fixation.



Senior 3D Character Artist

Vadim loves chocolate. He is actually a sweet tooth in general, so to compensate, he likes to be active. But he also loves spending time watching TV shows and playing games. Vadim is in a perpetual dilemma.


Associate Producer

Simon likes playing guitar, eating Oreos, and going outside 0 times in the winter.



Senior 2D Artist

Helena is originally from Brazil, or is she? Is her name even Helena? There's an H at the start of her name, and yet she doesn't pronouce it. Now, I don't know about you, but that seems suspicious to me. I'd look into her past more closely if I were her employer. 👁️👁️


Associate Engineer

Aiden is a man of many hobbies, if he is not playing or making games he is probably out doing some activities with friends. Sports, exercise, or just hanging out, it's all on the table for Aiden.



Software Engineer

Dave is often found playing factory games, losing in Dota 2, or grinding his ironman OSRS account. Like all true programmers, he's never had a tan in his life.

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