Guiding Principles

Focus on Outcomes

Work culture has changed. Ideas of how, when, and where work gets completed have been rethought. Time sheets, despite the best of intentions, can foster micromanagement and get in the way of the creative spirit. Our philosophy on quality work is that it comes down to collaborative planning, managing expectations, and clear goals. Team buy-in is the catalyst to greatness.

Be Where You Want to Be

The pandemic has shown that a traditional office is not always necessary. We believe rent money is better spent on people. Fair pay for fair work, no matter where you are located. We will strive to encourage, promote and hire from anywhere we can legally do so. We also believe in the human need for connection "in real life" and foster that through co-working spaces, annual company retreats, off-sites, and other activities. We might have an office someday, but it's not important to us right now.

Our Word is Bond

Trust is the currency of life. Strategy and direction may come from on-top, but the team is ultimately who delivers. We operate on a series of commitments at every level, based on our experience and calculated assessments. Sometimes we will get it wrong - sometimes very much so - but we expect growth in those moments. Cheating to get ahead runs against our vision of building a sustainable workplace. When trust erodes, resentment breeds and toxicity takes over. Instead, we think critically about the road ahead and hold ourselves (and each other) accountable at every step.

Adaptability in Everything

In life the only constants are death and taxes. In technology it is that change is inevitable. Instead of sticking to rigid ideas, we're flexible and consider all avenues. We consider ourselves agile (beyond the book) in everything we do, and we build resilience as we progress. Learning new things is awesome, but can be scary. We constantly aim to improve ourselves, even if it is uncomfortable. Life (and work) is unpredictable, so we embrace the fresh turns that new challenges bring.

In the words of Mike Tyson, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."

(By the way - we don't punch anything...except above our weight).

All Voices are Heard

As game makers we are story tellers, and the more perspectives we can pull from the stronger we will get. We encourage constructive criticism, transparency, and openness. Diversity, inclusion, equality, and a sense of belonging are of the utmost importance to us. We are better when we hear from everyone.