Values, Vibes and Vision

  • Sustainable Work Practices - Avoiding burnout. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Community - Growing the next generation of developers. Active participants in local and regional industry.

  • Harmony - Picking projects that serve our goals.

Feelings we want our work and culture to replicate
  • Getting lost in a flow state while working on something you're passionate about.

  • Staring at the stars and being in awe.

  • Getting a freezie after soccer practice.

  • Sick beats in the headphones while on a walk and then AHA!

  • A server at a restaurant went the extra mile to make the meal memorable

  • You just had an interesting deep conversation over a beer with a friend

  • A grueling long hike you just completed on a sunny day.

  • Kids are in bed, pajamas on, new video game unwrapped and popped in the console.

  • At the beach in July with a drink, a book and no watch on.

  • At a concert hearing your favourite band.

  • Beating that hard boss in Dark Souls

  • Completing a marathon.

Feelings we don't want to create.
  • Spending 3 months on a spreadsheet no one reads.

  • Disappointment because expectations were not communicated or outlined.

  • "Is this it?"

  • Your ice cream drops on the ground.

  • Your favourite band just broke up.

  • Taking a meeting at 8pm at night, and not understanding why.

  • Sport parents yelling at the referees.

  • Forgetting your significant others special day.

  • Wondering, "what if we had tried a little harder?"

  • You take a drink thinking its water, but it is actually milk.

  • Something went down the "wrong pipe".


What is the long term reason we're doing all this?

  • Build something that is ours - for all of us, bigger than Iron Fox Games - where everyone benefits from the outcome.

  • To transform the way games are developed.

  • We're building games, experiences, and partnerships where everyone benefits from the outcome.

Good Vibes