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200 different days. 200 different ways.

Iron Fox Games hit 6 months old last week.

We’ve now been operating officially for 200 days. Each single one of them has been different.

I think that’s what I’ve loved about building this company so much.

In previous jobs, life would find a way to just seem to go on repeat. 3 months later, and you’re still having the same conversations or working on the same spreadsheets that no one reads.

Chris and I had talked about starting a business together for 10+ years, and the timing never felt *right*. Then magically that *right* time actually did show up. We had our first client, which was enough to take the jump and we’ve been running full steam since.

The scariest thing was the “unknown, unknowns' '. It really took me until late college to realize that the more I learned, the less I knew. Like finding an archaeological dig site and uncovering worlds, terminology, histories of something you had no idea even existed until you started to peel away the layers.

Entrepreneurship has been like that for me. I felt like I had a good idea of the type of company we would want to work for, and just drove towards that as hard as I could. We spent a significant amount of time finding our values, who we wanted to be, and the culture we wanted to build.

That hard work attracted people and clients. It was definitely worth the investment.

But what was underneath all that sand? Lawyers? HR? Accounting? Planning? Budgeting? Hiring? Internal Law? Taxes? Business Development? Workers Comp? All new to me. So many things I didn’t know, that I didn’t even know, I didn’t know.

The upside of being on your own, is that you’re on your own and responsible for everything. The down side? You’re responsible for everything! Full control, but full responsibility.

Here is what Iron Fox Games accomplished between days 100 and days 200.

  • Ramped our staff to 16 people who live in 4 different provinces!

  • Hired our summer intern from UPEI to a part time position, while he still goes to school.

  • Relaunched our new branding, which hits all the right notes!

  • Attended 2 different conferences.

  • Closed out our first project.

  • Signed two additional partnerships to develop and help with game development! More news coming soon on that.

  • Planned our first full “onsite” offsite retreat JINGLE JAM which is happening in December.

I’m positive the next 100 days will be as different as the days zero to 100, and 100 to 200.

We’re still hiring and looking for partners who want to build with us.

Reach out anytime!


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