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2023 - A Wild and Crazy Year

The last year in the game industry has been definitely Wild and Crazy. It's been a tale of two very different outcomes.

This year we saw the highest rated game releases in 20 years. You can argue that the industry is at an all time high of creativity, with products of amazing quality and great gameplay.

On the other hand, the whiplash from immense growth during the pandemic left us watching 10,000+ people lose their jobs, a number of studios close, VC cash dry up. This hurt a lot of families during the holidays.

We certainly weren't immune to the economic downturn, either. Some of our major clients weren’t able to extend their agreements due to cutbacks and defensive positioning.

At the start of the year we only had 2 clients and we found ourselves needing to replace both of them.  We put on our hustle pants, chased over 100 leads, and ended up signing 21 clients by the end of the year. This led to an insanely wide range of work, from launching two of our own Web Games (PvPz.IO and UpTogether.IO), to helping out Frik And Frak with some UI and tech work, to building out an original IP mobile game called Poker Scramble.

I'm extremely proud of the work that Iron Fox has done in the last 12 months. We made it through the year without having to lay anyone off, grew by a couple of heads, and made a lot of new friends.

Here are just some of the things we have planned for 2024.

  • Helping relaunch a retro mobile game.

  • Launch 3 new web games: Obby Tag, Reel World and [REDACTED]

  • Expand our Live Ops business with new clients and offerings.

  • Coordinate a large industry event + game jam for the Atlantic region.

  • …and couple other big ones we can't say anything about yet.

Wishing you all the best during this holiday season, and here is to a new year and new things.

Here is our 2023 Jingle Jam presentation.

Iron Fox Games - Jingle Jam - 2023 - Public
Download PDF • 8.43MB


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