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Iron Fox Games x Poki Partnership - Announcement!

Back in late May we announced a small division inside Iron Fox Games we’ve labeled as Second Monitor Games.

Since then we’ve launched our first game called which has seen over 20,000 players through its doors!

On the back of that we’re announcing the start of a two game partnership with the world’s leading web game portal!

First up we’re building a game we’re calling Up Together. It is a 3D platformer. You play as food that has recently become sentient and is trying to escape the kitchen. Figure out the right pattern or sequence with your friends or strangers online to see who can get out of the kitchen. This fun, whimsical take on the popular genre is bound to be a crowd favourite.

The second title we’re working on is called Reel World. One of the player behaviours we observed in PvPz was players trying to complete their collections using any means available. We were inspired by that play style and built a Social Fishing Collection game with a cute aesthetic that rewards collecting everything! In this game you will be able to play in a multiplayer server with your friends, collect fish, and uncover the secrets of the Reel World Island.

Both games will be launched exclusively on Poki or available through their homepages before the end of this year.

We hope you enjoy these games as much as we enjoy building them.

Expect an official announcement to follow when the first title “Up Together” goes live in the coming weeks.

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