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Time for a MIGS recap!

Four members of our team made the trip to Montreal last week to go to MIGS (Montreal International Game Summit). We had an amazing time taking it all in, seeing old friends, and listening to a great group of speakers. Here are a few of the highlights:

•We really enjoyed the M&A panel by Shum Singh. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and we learned a ton.

•It was super helpful to learn more about establishing and hiring in Quebec. It’s an area we’ve been researching and we hope to expand there, but have a few things to navigate first!

•Seeing so many talented people from every area of the industry together in one place was a great reminder of what a thriving, diverse and supportive gaming community we have here in Canada.

•Special shoutout to Marcus Behrens who traveled all the way from Germany to attend the show! YOURE Games has something special cooking:

•We got amazing Smoked Meat at Reubans. It was no Schwartz, but a very close second.

Because we’re a remote company, seeing each other in person doesn’t happen very often. Going to MIGS was the perfect way to catch up and collaborate face-to-face. We’ll definitely be using all the inspiration we gained as a group to continue growing Iron Fox collectively and in our individual roles. Huge thank you to the MIGS team for planning & organizing such a great event. We can’t wait to see you again next year 🎉

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