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Hey, we're Second Monitor Games, but you can call us SMG for short. As a small subdivision of Iron Fox Games, we make tight, on-trend games designed to be enjoyed during those in-between moments of daily life. We will not be held liable if you get caught playing our web games during a work meeting!

Our Projects


Introducing, the thrilling extraction shooter from Second Monitor Games! Set in a dark fantasy world, players embark on quests for rare loot while battling others seeking the same glory. Choose your avatar, gear up, and take on monsters and rival players. Loot chests, extract treasures, and race against the timer to survive. Beware, death means losing everything—unless you have insurance. Join the rising wave of extraction shooters and experience the adrenaline rush of escaping with precious loot before it's too late!


Embark on a gravity-defying adventure in Up Together; a dynamic 3rd person platforming game. Master the art of running, jumping, and climbing to overcome diverse and challenging terrains. Race against time to beat global leaderboard records, connect with a vibrant multiplayer community through an emoji-based chat, and unlock fun new skins and trails! With easy controls, thrilling challenges, and a competitive spirit, Up Together offers an exhilarating gaming experience. Join the adventure, conquer obstacles, and rise to the top in this action-packed journey!

Tag I'm It! Jump into the arena with some friends and grab the crown in this reverse spin on the schoolyard classic Tag.  Grab the crown, and hold it for as long as you can as everyone else chases you to grab your bling!  Earn coins just by playing; even more for holding onto that sweet headpiece - use those coins to swap to out to another fun skin to show off your Tag mastery! See you in the arena!

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