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Introducing Second Monitor Games

One of our major flaws as game developers is that we play games while we are supposed to be doing something else. During a call on Zoom, taking a few extra minutes in the bathroom, not doing chores, etc.

It’s those in between moments where Second Monitor Games was born.

Next week we launch a new subdivision inside Iron Fox called Second Monitor Games!

Most of the games we’re used to building have extremely long development times.

Second Monitor Games are NOT those games.

The pillars that we’re building on are:

  1. Fast Follow - Our primary target will be games genres that are trending. Our first is an Extraction Shooter set in a dark fantasy world.

  2. Online Multiplayer Games - We believe the stickiest games are ones done with friends. Late night Halo anyone?

  3. Build Quickly - All our games MVPs should fit within a 6-8 week development window.

Working within these parameters, we plan on building, testing, iterating and learning as fast as we can. All decisions around features and balancing will be done very quickly. If we’re not moving forward, we kill it and move on. If things are working, and people are enjoying what we’ve built, we’ll double down.

We hope you’re interested in playing our games, give us feedback, and see the fun we’re building. If this catches on we have bigger plans, but that’s a different article.

Our first game will be launching next week!


We’re huge fans of Escape from Tarkov and Dark and Darker.

We wanted to take some of those core ideas of what makes those games so exciting to play. The thrill of finding amazing loot and getting out before the timer runs out before you’ve died. Also being huge fans of the Dark Souls series and aesthetic we decided to build this in a Dark Fantasy setting. This will be the first game we launch, and it should be live sometime early to mid next week.

We already have a second game “deep” into development, which we’ll have more details about very soon.

If things go well, expect to see more games pile up on Second Monitor, and we may even be coming to some of your favourite web portals as well.

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