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Iron Fox Games Talent Spotlight: Mark Ferrish

When Chris and I started Iron Fox Games, we knew we could accomplish some really cool stuff if we assembled the right team. We didn’t know who we would find along the way and that’s one of the more exciting parts. Allow me to introduce one of those amazing folks: Mark Ferrish!

Mark is an early hire at Iron Fox, when we were only a couple months old. We got to meet him at our launch party in Charlottetown while he was still living off-island. There we got his story: after attending and graduating from Holland College and NBCC he went on to do 2 years at the Department of National Defence. He was looking for a new creative challenge and planned to return to his island roots.

In his first year with Iron Fox he’s been an absolute master as an Associate Artist, specializing in UI, Marketing and 2D asset creation.

One thing that really surprised us about Mark is that he’s got great chops at creating Youtube Shorts. He now has 16 videos with OVER 1 Million views. One of them even hit 21M views by itself! Here is a link to his Youtube Account ! Please go subscribe.

He loves making the most out of every creative possibility and studying game & story design. We’re immensely proud of all the work Mark does for us, and has been an A+ member of the team since the day he joined.

As we continue to build out Iron Fox Games, we know that if we put our staff first, and invest in the next generation of game developers that the rest will come.

Maybe you’ll be next on our employee spotlight?

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