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Senior Mathemagician

The cross section of having a deep understanding of math, how it can create intense moments of mastery and fun is an extremely important role. We are looking for someone who can grasp deep monetization systems, balance a game from start to finish, and can lead live operations efforts that allows for people to choose how they want to engage with free to play.

Here’s what we need in this role:

  • Demonstrable mastery of the kinds of math used in:

    • Creating full game economies that are sustainable in a live ops environment

    • Designing and detailing game systems that have many moving mathematical parts

    • Balancing existing game systems and features

  • Mentor other designers on balance and economy design best practices.

    • You love math so much that others around you can’t help but love it too!

  • Lead efforts with designing game economies, including live ops considerations.

  • Contribute to and at times lead game design analysis and breakdown efforts.

  • Lead efforts with designing game systems requiring significant objective mathematical design needs.

  • Have experience creating game systems and features, from conception to final delivery, regardless of mathematical scope.

  • Own IFG’s game balancing efforts across multiple projects.

  • Work with product managers on creating viable revenue game systems that respect the player experience.

  • Coordinate general design team efforts with the Creative Director and other team leaders.

  • Grow with the business; stretch yourself and learn new skills and domains.

  • Have fun; we’re making games!

Got what it takes?

  • Superior interpersonal skills – a leader leads, not pushes.

  • Superior and demonstrable math skills with special attention to game economies.

  • Superior knowledge of the usual suite of tools when making games: word processing, team communications, digital whiteboard-ing, etc.

  • Working knowledge of Unity, especially in regards to creating game interfaces.  We use Unity at IFG to make games, so you should too.

  • Superior understanding of the differences between conceptualization and execution, and the ability to educate others on such concepts.

  • Direct experience with game systems and game economy development – a minimum of 5 years is a great start.

  • Direct experience leading a team of similarly disciplined developers; bonus points for leading different types of folks across different disciplines.

  • All the other things a video game hiring manager looks for in a candidate: creative, self-starting, the ability to self-critique, positive attitude, proactive, performs well under pressure, etc.

What do you get in return?

  • We pay very competitive salaries according to the market - not based on where you live.  We also offer a discretionary annual bonus structure based on contribution and company performance.

  • Crunch is old school - we recognize downtime as the catalyst to brilliance.  To that end, we offer three weeks of paid vacation plus all provincial and national observances and an additional week-long shutdown at the end of year for the holidays.

  • Families matter. As veterans of the industry we recognize that it can feel like “there is never a good time to take time off.” Major life moments are more important than a build, a release or a bug. We encourage you to do life at your own pace, and we will be there for you in those important moments.

  • Your medical, dental, and extended healthcare needs are covered under our group plan.

  • Life insurance, critical illness insurance are in place to take your mind off life’s unexpected curveballs.

  • Iron Fox Games is a remote-first company.  You can work from anywhere, at any time provided your primary residence is where we are legally incorporated.  We measure results, not hours.  Expect flexibility in your schedule.  

  • At least once a year we take everyone out on a company trip to get some time to strengthen our identity as a team.

​We know that skills and competencies show up in different forms and can be based on different experiences, that's why we strongly encourage you to apply even though you may not have all the requirements listed above.

Salary range: $80,000-$110,000

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