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2022 Wrap Up

2022 has been a wild ride.

1 year ago Iron Fox didn’t exist. I wasn’t even thinking about it in any capacity.

Heck. It would be 4 months into 2022 before we’d even start it.

Since that day we’ve hired 21 people.

Signed 4 contracts.

Met a lot of new friends, talked to some old ones and formed bonds that will last a life time.

Beyond all the craziness that’s happened we were able to find time to bring everyone here to PEI for 2 days to wrap up the year.

We called it our first annual Jingle Jam. People flew, drove across the bridge and even crossed borders to come together.

What we did was build on our own IP. At the moment we’re a work for hire team that contracts out to different developers who need some extra help from experienced game makers. That has served us well, but we also like to build for ourselves.

Over those two days we dug deep and worked hard on our product which we’re calling Project P.E.T.S.

We got a working prototype, tons of concept art, and the foundation of a world we’re building out.

At the beginning of the event, we shared a deck with the staff reviewing 2022, and showing what we have planned for 2023.

We’re sharing a version of that deck that we presented.

The tldr? We completed 24 months of our original goals in 8 months. Not what we had planned, but we've enjoyed the ride.

This has been a blast, and we think 2023 could be even bigger.

We’re looking for partners who want to build with us, and maybe even want to work with us on Project P.E.T.S. More to come soon.

Reach out.

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