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A long, long, time ago, on a small island in Canada...

The year is 2008. The iPhone is brand new and the global economy is in crisis. A handful of 20-somethings get their careers started in the games industry. They didn't know where it would take them, but the work was interesting and atypical of the job market in the Maritimes.

This band of eager developers would witness the dawn of the App store and the sharp growth of mobile gaming. They worked on the first games and all of their push notifications, micro-transactions, and evolving business models. They became experts in free-to-play, games-as-a-service and live operations.

They would take part in huge successes, project failures, studio closures, and studio openings. The transformations in the industry over the years have been a boot camp like none other, evolving a handful of fresh faces into a team of seasoned veteran developers.

Now the year is 2022, and here we are, starting a new adventure built on all of the things we've learned, earned, and survived over the years. We know how to make great games, support them in live operations, and integrate with globally recognized IP.

We know where we want to work - we're building it for ourselves and those who want to try something new.

Iron Fox Games is about capitalizing on agility and resilience, engaging in sustainable, interesting work, and growing the next generation of game developers. We're making games, experiences, and partnerships where everyone benefits from the outcome.

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