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Launch of our Rebrand

Progress.. It's a funny thing.

In the moment, constant hard work doesn’t seem to move the needle much.

Go to the gym for a few days in a row… does that get you into shape? The results don’t really show up until you look back a few months of constant work.

5 months ago we bought before we had even officially registered the company.

We threw up a logo we found in a canvas file with just an email address.

The choice was quick, without intention, but moved things forward.

While on the tarmac in a plane waiting to go to GDC, we made a new site through a wix editor, paid someone on fiverr $35 for a logo, and we set out.

Another month later, we trimmed the site down to the very basics, put up some jobs, a vision, mission and plans for what we were building.

Since our first day just 5 months ago.. we’ve had 6 different iterations of our website, each just slight improvements over the one before it.

In that time we’ve signed three projects, completed one, hired 15 people, and are now on our way to XDS, which will be our second show.

Today, we’re relaunching our website, and our publicly facing brand.

This moves us forward in a meaningful way, encapsulates who we are, puts a much more polished foot forward.

Each day, we take steps, sometimes small, other times bigger.

I feel like we’re building something special here.

Interested in joining us? We’re hiring.

Interested in working with us? We’ve got an amazing staff capable of building amazing experiences.

What will we be looking back in another half year at?


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